About Aspiga

Lucy at the Lone Star in Barbados

Lucy Macnamara went to Kenya in 2005 and came back to London with a beautiful pair of Leather Beaded Sandals. Her friends kept noticing her comfortable yet stylish sandals. Lucy saw an opportunity and decided to create her own brand, Aspiga, designing and producing beautiful leather sandals in Kenya.

Involved in charities, she also saw potential in job creation. Each pair of Kenyan sandals and now Belt provide much needed job to Kenyan artisans.

Aspiga has grown considerably since 2005, Lucy has now developed an ever growing collection of  leather sandals and beaded clutch handmade in India, respecting the sample principle: offering great products to her customers and helping fight poverty through Trade via her suppliers.

A traveler at heart, Lucy has taken a new turn for her website offering all the holiday gear required for a stylish holiday!
Find exclusive handmade products from head to toe and travel in style with Aspiga.